coloured pencil
acrylic paint (Rousseau influence)

acrylic paint

oil pastel

pen & ink

acrylic paint

Autumn fruits
Rousseau influence

 pen & ink

 screen printing

Monet's water lilies
 investigating Impressionism

mixed style painting
Seurat          Monet          Cezanne

charcoal, oil pastel & pen
acrylic paint
abstract portraiture

chalk pastel

acrylic paint
 mixing skin tone

 observational drawing
 charcoal sketch of abstract figure

Figure / anatomical drawing

  charcoal sketch of abstract figure


Mixed media exploration inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe


Abstract design inspired by Kandinsky


 Valentine's flowers
2-week multi-media investigation:
pen & ink, watercolour, charcoal



 Chinese New Year
stylised design: personalise own zodiac sign, filling it with good luck symbols



Willow Pattern
story & poem interpretation: limited palette (blue & white), sketching in biro & free painting in acrylic on two surfaces