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Unforgettable Hassle-Free Week: led by experienced Resident Art Teacher, means your teachers join in & develop their own creativity.   Typical day’s learning experience 9am-6pm + 8-10pm eve workshop. 

Each day: a unique art curriculum focus, element, skill or technique; packed with a variety of on-site art activities and experiences – designed to inspire individual creative expression, using a range of materials – responding directly to sculpture, image, wildlife, countryside & coast.

Student Art Pack: portfolio, sketchbook to record creative responses, a variety of media: watercolour palette & brush, oil pastels, sketching & coloured pencils.

Teacher Preparation Pack.... CPD in ACTION

Art Studio Workshops each evening developing the days' activities.

by Scuplture
 Cornish Coast
& Countryside
& Ecology

Wildlife Studies

Duration: 1 day

Subject: Develop observational and mark making skills by investigating texture, shape and pattern in response to the wide variety of fur and feathers, beaks, paws and tails.

Discover how decorative textile art has been inspired by natural elements.

Also included: Guided Tour of sanctuary led by Park Warden.

Optional extra: otter feeding & talk led by Park Warden.



Surrounded by Sculpture

Duration: 1 day

Subject: Interact with 3 key sculptures and create your own individual sculptures on-site using 3 different materials, along the St Ives town trail. Discover how materials, colour and texture communicate ideas.

Guided Tour of the Barbara Hepworth Studio and discussion with the Education Staff of Tate St Ives.

Sketchbook response to sculptures.

Investigate the properties of a well-known, yet undervalued, sculpting material: sand sculpture on the beach: carving, construction, modelling and assemblage.

Cornish Coast & Countryside

Duration: 1 day

Subject: Explore the variety of Cornish landscapes around your accommodation - habitats, land use, lifestyle, leisure, tourism, industry and settlements- through a minimum of 4 different art activities on location.

Improve understanding of perspective, viewpoint and scale.

Use natural materials to create collage.

Examine structural features: both natural (woodlands) and man-made (harbours).

Compare newly inspired pupil art work with that of known influential artists such as Van Gogh and Goldsworthy.


Architecture & Ecology

Duration: 1 day

Subject: Conservation and renovation at its finest: discover Eden through an artist’s eyes, indoors and out: Tropical & Mediterranean climes, sculpture trail, environmental awareness, iconic architecture.

On-site Mixed Media exploration:  Develop observation & interpretation skills through shape, pattern and spatial awareness.

Investigate horticultural structure & design in plant life, specific to climate restrictions. Study colour & pattern variation.

Discover recycling through sculpture.

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