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 Hands-on Art in Cornwall

 5-day Art Residential in Cornwall:

explore your own creativity, motivated by Cornish countryside, coast,

villages & attractions.

Bring back a sketchbook packed with inspiration.

Day Trips also available

Join us for a Welly Walk in your local area...

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Designed and created by Janet Craig in 2003, developed improved trip after trip since.


Dedworth Middle School, Windsor:   Mon 24th-Fri 28th June 2013
Dedworth Middle School, Windsor:   Mon 24th-Fri 28th June 2012 

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References & Commendations

Mr J. Griffiths: Headteacher at Trevelyan School for 30years & supporter of the trip for 6 years in a row.

“a truly cross-curricular experience”.


Mr S Muir: Headteacher Dedworth Middle School, trip run five times so far for Dedworth pupils and Mr Muir joined us for two days with hissketchbook!

“some of the pupils had improved by two NationalCurriculum levels in one week”.


Mr R Welsh: Headteacher St Edward’s Royal Free MiddleSchool

“our librarian got more than she bargained for when shewas given her own Art Pack for the week”.

15.7.08 Ms Bennet art teacher at St Edwards: “The 5 daysaway were absolutely fantastic. The variety of activities and sheer amount ofwork that Janet had put into the planning was fantastic. The pupils whoparticipated are still buzzing from the experience. Plus of course they havedeveloped their artistic skills and knowledge tenfold. I really believe thatthey will be influenced for a long time to come, and I am looking forward toseeing the impact on their learning and contribution to lessons.

Janet's experience, knowledge and sheer artistic flairmade the time exciting and interesting for all. It truly was a fantastic trip.”


Mr R Entwhistle: Headteacher St Peter’s Middle School

“I am happy to confirm the value of the trip to anyinterested parties.”

10.9.08: “One of the great successes of last year was theArt Trip set up by Janet Craig and shared across the 4 middle schools. Janetled the St Peter's trip in association with our own Ms Rosten. The feedback onthe trip was excellent. It was a splendid example of middle school & ArtsCollege cooperation. We would like to plan for the year with important datesand would love to repeat the experience.”

Just a few of the pupils' comments:

“I wasn’t sure it would be as good the second time butyou made it all different!”

“Can I have my birthday in Cornwall again next year?”

“I had no idea I could make sculptures.”

“I’ve made loads of new friends”.

“My Mum will never believe I painted this all by myself.”

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