Janet Craig

Miss Craig's new adventure......

After years ofwatching potentially great young artists struggle against thenever-ending focus on National Curriculum levels and targets, I decided to create an Art for Fun experience…

… and so, theone-week Art Trip to Cornwall* was born.  I have run this trip for all four Middle Schools in Windsor since 2003.

These pupils (andtheir accompanying adults who also had a sketchbookand art pack and were far more reluctant than the kids) wereimmersed in Art for a week and, without eventrying, they leapt up theNC ladder,


…this is not thememory they treasure…

 they each have their own favourite moments,all art-related, whether it wasconstructing a sand sculpture on the beach at St. Ives, discovering thefreedom of watercolour overlooking the Padstow estuary orsketching, in charcoal, the cow that chased Miss Craig…

…they have the knowledgethat they can ‘do art’ now and forever, whenever andhowever they like….

 ….and so can you

...onetrip to Cornwall a year wasn’t enough:

           I would like as many people as possible, of any age, to join in with           art activities FOR FUN whenever they can....

…and so, Hands-on Art Adventures in Old Windsor was born.

I look forward tomeeting you,


sailing?... not this time

dancing?... not this time

  sports cars?.. not this time

Janet Craig,
19 Dec 2010, 16:07
Janet Craig,
19 Dec 2010, 11:20